American Osteopathic Physician

Dr Sherri Tenpenny, is the American osteopathic medical doctor, researcher and author.

She has invested 20 years, and over 40,000 hours, researching, documenting and exposing the complex issues of vaccine development, testing and distribution.

As an internationally renowned speaker and author, her articles have been translated into over 12 languages.

Dr. Tenpenny has worked as an Emergency Medicine physician and were Director of a Level 2 Trauma centre for over a decade.

She now runs her own medical centre, providing an integrated approach to health, which has attracted patients from 50 states and 17 countries, with the doctrine “the body can heal itself”.

In our first conversation on London Real in May, we discussed vaccine legislation, testing and distribution. In this episode we’re going deeper on masks and why they won’t protect you, contact tracing, and the psychological damage of social distancing.

For more information from Dr. Tenpenny, download her latest paper, Conclusion Regarding Masks They Do Not Work now!

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1. What Can You Tell Me About Censorship?
2. The FDA Makes All The Decisions Regarding Pharmaceuticals
3. Why Are Social Media And Digital Platforms Involved?
4. Tell Me About The Vaccine
5. How Much Money Is At Stake?
6. How Is Bill Gates Involved In This?
7. Who Is The PR Of Vaccines?
8. What We Don’t Understand About The Data?
9. What Do You Think Is Going To Happen In The Winter?
10. The History Of Masks
11. Will They Force Us To Wear Masks
12. The Fear Has Been Weaponised
13. The Transhumanist Piece
14. People Should Stand Up To Their Rights
15. We Haven’t Seen The Economic Fall Off

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