This holiday season, help friends and family avoid a scam

When you talk with friends and family over the holidays, you may hear about new puppies, old sports rivalries, and dreams of the next vacation. As you join the conversation, why not share some ideas to protect the people you care about from scams? Read these tips from the FTC’s Pass it On campaign for ideas,... Continue Reading →

New Android Hack Could Allow Cybercriminals to Take Over Users’ Devices

The malware is being disguised as a ‘system update’ Users of Apple iOS devices welcomed the week with a security threat. Now, Android users are being warned of malware posing as a security update that can allow hackers to take complete control of devices.  The sophisticated new malicious app disguises itself as a System Update application, according to... Continue Reading →

Give Yourself Some Credit (Credit Reports, that is)

Your credit report has a summary of your credit history. For example, if you’ve been evicted and a landlord turns uncollected rent over to a collection agency, that might be on your credit report. Information in your credit report affects your credit score. That’s important because businesses — like insurance and phone companies — use... Continue Reading →

Health Insurance Scams Can Cost You BIG!

by Lisa Lake, Consumer Education Specialist, FTC In 2018, we told you about Simple Health, a group of companies that the FTC says tricked people into signing up for what the companies told them was comprehensive health coverage that met Affordable Care Act standards. Instead, people wound up with premiums as high as hundreds of dollars... Continue Reading →

Scams That Start On Social Media

by Bridget Small, Division of Consumer & Business Education Scammers are hiding out on social media, using ads and offers to market their scams, according to people’s reports to the FTC and a new Data Spotlight. In the first six months of 2020, people reported losing a record high of almost $117 million to scams that... Continue Reading →

What To Do If Someone Steals Your Identity

by Traci ArmaniConsumer Education Specialist, Division of Consumer & Business Education, FTC You know that protecting your identity and personal information is important. And you also know that taking steps to avoid identity theft can make a big difference. But if someone steals your identity, here’s the first thing you do: go to To get... Continue Reading →

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