BEWARE: Scammers Reportedly Using Fake Unemployment Benefits Websites as Phishing Lures

At a time when many people left jobless by the pandemic are struggling to get by, scammers reportedly are using websites that mimic government unemployment insurance (UI) benefits websites. These sites trick people into thinking they’re applying for UI benefits, and they wind up giving the scammers their personal information. The Department of Justice’s National … Continue reading BEWARE: Scammers Reportedly Using Fake Unemployment Benefits Websites as Phishing Lures

The Drug Enforcement Administration Isn’t Calling You!

We’re getting reports about scammers pretending to be Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents. They’re trying to get your money and personal information, and using alarming phone calls to do it. The DEA is alerting people to the scam. Their message: It’s not the DEA calling. The scammers use fake names and badge numbers. Sometimes they … Continue reading The Drug Enforcement Administration Isn’t Calling You!

The Top Frauds of 2020

2020 was a tough year. Between the pandemic and the economic crisis, we all had our hands full. And scammers didn’t take any time off either — 2020 was a busy year for fraud. In 2020, the FTC got more than 2.2 million reports about fraud, with people telling us they lost nearly $3.3 billion. Here’s … Continue reading The Top Frauds of 2020

Blocking Unwanted Calls

Why are you getting so many calls? Often, it’s scammers calling. Here’s what you need to know about unwanted calls and how to stop them. Share these articles, infographics, and videos with your friends, family, and followers. REPORT UNWANTED CALLS Blocking Unwanted Calls Scammers can use the internet to make calls from all over the … Continue reading Blocking Unwanted Calls

Scams In Between Stimulus Packages

As we publish this post, a second stimulus package has not yet been finalized by Congress. While there’s a lot we don’t know, we DO know a few things about what scammers do when this kind of uncertainty is in the headlines. If there’s another stimulus payment, you won’t have to pay to get it. … Continue reading Scams In Between Stimulus Packages